What We Do

Don’t have IT staff? Or maybe you have someone who does IT functions part-time within your business. TheServerdoctor is your IT department. We provide clients with consulting and management solutions tailored to your business, allowing it to work at top efficiency.


Our staff has experience ranging from web development, network management, cyber security, system administration, and more. We come from a diverse background of industry experience to deliver our customers the best first-in-class service.

Vermont Local


TheServerDoctor was founded in 2007 by Jeffrey Hathaway as a computer repair business. Over the years, TheServerDoctor has transformed into a managed service provider bringing experience in networking, programming, cyber security, and IT management.

In previous positions, Jeffrey worked for local and national companies, from small companies with ten employees to large healthcare companies with hundreds of employees. These companies’ problems have always been the same: an apparent disconnect between the IT department and what management understood.

Simplifying IT and bridging the gap between IT and business has been a core founding principle. We want our customers to utilize technology efficiently with a clear understanding. We push to evaluate client needs, solutions, and budgets to present clients with options they can clearly understand. Technology is important to your business and to us.

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