TheServerDoctor provides guidance to help you make the right strategic decisions and act on them. We are used to dealing with startups and businesses undergoing a lot of change. We will work with your internal technology team or can act as your technology department to get you up and running quickly. Our services include:

Consulting Services

Offering Consulting Services in a wide range of commercial netowrks.

Managed Network

Monitoring & Alerting System that monitors the health your equipment.

Managed Security

Providing services to enhance your network security.

Network Consulting

We offer a wide range of experience and expertise in the area of computer networking, and The Server Doctor provides consulting services in the following areas:


  • Network Design, Installation, Configuration, Support
  • Internet & Cloud Connectivity
  • Network & Server Virtualization
  • Complex Routing & Switching
  • Campus Wireless Networking
  • Network Security Solutions

Network Monitoring & Alerting System

The Server Doctor offers a Network Monitoring & Alerting System that continuously monitors the health and status of your network equipment. If a problem is detected, the system will do two critical things: 1) It will alert staff to the fact that there is a problem, and 2) provide a historical account of what is occurring on the devices to aid in troubleshooting chronic or difficult-to-solve problems.

No additional hardware or servers is needed for this solution.

Below are the significant features of the Network Monitoring & Alerting System. New features are being added regularly:

Device Up/Down
    • This simple task will track the status of a device to ensure that it is up and communicating on the network.
Device Utilization
    • Historical graphs will be generated for each device to track the bandwidth used per minute. In addition, CPU and Memory utilization will also be tracked. This data will be continuously logged to show trends over time.
Error Detection
    • Network devices will be polled continuously, looking for errors impacting network communication.
    • Thresholds will be set to warn or alert staff of various events that fall outside the normal baseline.
    • If a problem is detected with a device, alerts can be sent via emails and MMS text messages.
    • Reports can be generated configurable and emailed to review how the system performed in the previous period.
Configuration Backup
    • The configuration of each device will be automatically archived upon any changes, and email alerts will be sent. This provides a historical record of the configuration and an archived copy in the event of device failure or disaster recovery.

Managed Security

The Server Doctor is pleased to offer the following managed network security services.  Let us tailor a program that meets the needs of your business.  Our capabilities include the following:


  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Prevention/Detection Systems
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Secure Wireless Networking
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Security Posture Assessments
  • Government & Industry Compliance Services
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